debxo 0.4 release

Andres Salomon dilinger at
Tue Nov 18 17:20:07 EST 2008

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 17:09:29 -0500
Chris Ball <cjb at> wrote:

> Hi,
>    > Hi, I just tagged DebXO 0.4 release.  This release looks much
>    > much nicer, thanks to a new Xorg driver.  There's also a jffs2
>    > fix which should make bootup from NAND quite a bit faster.
> Is the JFFS2 patch in the OLPC kernel too?  (If so, got a link to it?)
> Thanks,
> - Chris.

It's the same patch I sent upstream (
I've got it committed locally to testing and master, but I'm assuming
that it's not desired in testing, and I need to rebase master (I broke
it) before pushing.  I'll do that tonight.

The ALSA stuff is also the same stuff I sent upstream
but I was planning on letting this flow into master via upstrea.  OLPC
currently works around the issues I fixed in userspace, so it's not

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