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> Of course,
> if you can help a bit and you have other priorities, you can make your
> feature happen in time for 0.6 too (and I'll try my darndest to help!)

I've been asked in private for relatively easy things to tackle that
are not in the critical path -- I've posted a few entries in track and
tagged them "grabme". You know what to do with them :-)

Right now the listing is:

#9001  	 Experiment to understand rpm/yum resiliency to sudden loss of power

The core mission is to understand how good rpm and yum are at
recovering after a bad power loss (on our default fs, in this case

The basic idea is to break yum/rpm install process by yanking the
power away from the machine at different points of the installation,
and seeing how the overall process recovers. And harassing or
contratulating Seth and the rpm folks with what we learn :-)

One idea: Perhaps some of it can be automated with qemu and a script
that calls yum/rpm via ssh. Qemu has slow IO so you can get more


#9002 	Get the current XS to boot on XO.

Backport whatever magic Jeremy Katz and friends havee cooked to boot a
vanilla F10 on the XO, and apply it to F9, so we can use it for the
School Server ;-)

Ideally it can be a setup that boots off a plain SD card ext3
formatted, with swap, avoiding squashfs, and uses an external USB HD
for /library which is the main storage location.


#9003 	Backup XS to USB HD 	

With the usbmount tools in place, we can now add a simple script that
can look for a signed file on a USB HD when it's plugged in, and
backup the whole system.

You can look at the scripts that hook into usbmount in the xs-rsync
and the xs-activation packages.


#9004 	Sort out xs-logos 	

We have created xs-logos but revisor and anaconda have conspired to
ignore it. This needs to be resolved -- as things stand, we are
infringing on the Fedora Trademark.

A secondary issue would be to get decent imagery to replace the
default unbranded imagery the package.


The live query is:


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