Scam alert: [Fwd: Thank you from One Laptop per Child]

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Sun Nov 16 19:57:23 EST 2008

john wrote:
 > If an email sender wants to track the popularity of its emails that
 > include links, that's easy to do by looking at how many accesses are
 > made to the web pages that it links to.  You can even link to a
 > landing page for each such email that you send (to 1000 or 100,000
 > people), rather than linking to a pre-existing page.  That kind of
 > monitoring doesn't intrude on personal privacy by trying to figure out
 > WHICH email recipient clicked on the link -- it just counts how many
 > did.

john -- i/we hear you loud and clear.  i will say that OLPC has
no idea _who_ clicked on any given link, nor how many times.  nor
are we the least bit interested in knowing.  as you surmised, the
default setting for doing link redirects is "on", and for better
or worse, they were left that way when we sent the mail.

we will clearly reconsider this setting in the future.

 paul fox, pgf at
 give one laptop, get one laptop ---

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