Scam alert: [Fwd: Thank you from One Laptop per Child]

pgf at pgf at
Sun Nov 16 14:57:16 EST 2008

chris wrote:
 > Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:
 > > Hash: SHA1
 > > 
 > > pgf at wrote:
 > >> this mail was/is legitimate, and is part of the G1G1 launch
 > >> starting tomorrow.  the links go through a redirector so that
 > >> OLPC can see statistics on click-through responses.
 > >>
 > >> i understand completely why it made you nervous, however.  we'll
 > >> consult with our mailing partner to find out what we can do about
 > >> the URLs in future mailings.
 > I'm sorry, if I get an e-mail with visible links to
 > and the hidden version not coming from
 > the domain I will delete first and ask
 > questions later.
 > This trick is *exactly* what phishing and identity
 > theft spammers do.  I certainly would not forward
 > such a message to anyone without verification of
 > its validity.
 > If the links were instead to some scrambled URL in
 > same domain, e.g., that would at least
 > indicate that the link gibberish is likely valid
 > since it is in the same domain as the link claims
 > to be.

i agree completely.  one more level of redirect (from us to our
partner site then to the real destination would be far better.  i
confess i noticed it as the mail was being prepared, but my alarm
bells didn't go off.  (probably because i was on the sending end,
and not the receiving end.  :-)

we'll do better next time.

 paul fox, pgf at
 give one laptop, get one laptop ---

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