New joyride build 2549

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Fri Nov 14 12:20:12 EST 2008

Changes in build 2549 from build: 2548

Size delta: -52.95M

-SDL_mixer 1.2.8-9.fc10
+SDL_mixer 1.2.8-9.olpc4.1
-hippo-canvas 0.3.0-3.fc10
+hippo-canvas 0.3.0-5.20081014svn.olpc4
-hippo-canvas-python 0.3.0-3.fc10
+hippo-canvas-python 0.3.0-5.20081014svn.olpc4
-initscripts 8.86-1.olpc4.2
+initscripts 8.86-1.olpc4.3
-sugar 0.83.2-1.olpc4
+sugar 0.83.2-3.20081014git7b4fb9054d.olpc4
-sugar-toolkit 0.83.1-1.olpc4
+sugar-toolkit 0.83.1-3.20081014git6dfff85f9f.olpc4
-PersonalCopy-Lite-patches 4.1-3.fc9

--- Changes for sugar 0.83.2-3.20081014git7b4fb9054d.olpc4 from 0.83.2-1.olpc4 ---
  + Actually upload the file

--- Changes for sugar-toolkit 0.83.1-3.20081014git6dfff85f9f.olpc4 from 0.83.1-1.olpc4 ---
  + Add intltool to BuildRequires

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