Boot-on-power setting for the XO?

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Thu Nov 13 13:38:54 EST 2008

mitch wrote:
 > Martin Langhoff wrote:
 > > One of my mid-term goals is to be able to run the XS sw on the XO hw
 > > -- and one of the main recommendations I am making for configuration
 > > of the XS machines is that the BIOS is set to 'boot on power'. This is
 > > mainly because we want as much uptime as possible in locations with
 > > unreliable power supply.
 > >
 > > Is there a way to configure OFW, the EC, etc to behave in that way?
 > > ("boot on external power")
 > >   
 > It would have to be done in the EC code.  Adding Richard to the cc list.

i asked dogi/stefan to create a ticket for this feature yesterday,
when he asked me about it.  don't know if he did.

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