New joyride build 2544

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Thu Nov 13 13:36:48 EST 2008

>>>>> Is there a reason the new sugar can't go upstream into F-10?
>>>> It's very unstable code and contains several big regressions, as of today.
>>>> F-10 being on feature freeze, I guess it won't be allowed in.
>>> For distro packaging, we should focus only on the stable release
>>> branches: 0.82.x, and once it's out next year, 0.84.x.
>>> That said, we might package 0.83.x releases in debian unstable and
>>> thus ubuntu jaunty with a view to landing 0.84 without a large delta
>>> when it does release, because that might be after the ubuntu feature
>>> freeze.
>> Cool, so sounds like something that will eventually be good to get
>> into rawhide then.
> Totally, perhaps someone would like to help us here?
> Normally, OLPC contractors will be updating the rpms in OLPC-4, and
> we'll try to maintain devel updated as well, though it's quite a bit
> of work. If someone wanted to take that work out from our shoulders,
> would be awesome.

Yep, I can help out with that. I've been helping gregdek with getting
some of the OLPC changes upstream so as to get as much as possible
into mainline Fedora so the OLPC guys can concentrate on more
important stuff. I've got a list of most of the issues from 8.2 but
arrived on the scene a little late to have much impact there. So now
that we're rebasing to F-10 I'll be working to minimise the
requirement of package forks.


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