New joyride build 2544

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Thu Nov 13 13:26:31 EST 2008

>>> Is there a reason the new sugar can't go upstream into F-10?
>> It's very unstable code and contains several big regressions, as of today.
>> F-10 being on feature freeze, I guess it won't be allowed in.
> For distro packaging, we should focus only on the stable release
> branches: 0.82.x, and once it's out next year, 0.84.x.
> That said, we might package 0.83.x releases in debian unstable and
> thus ubuntu jaunty with a view to landing 0.84 without a large delta
> when it does release, because that might be after the ubuntu feature
> freeze.

Cool, so sounds like something that will eventually be good to get
into rawhide then.


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