New joyride build 2544

Simon Schampijer simon at
Thu Nov 13 12:56:35 EST 2008

Peter Robinson wrote:
>> -sugar 0.82.9-1.fc10
>> +sugar 0.83.2-1.olpc4
>> -sugar-artwork 0.82.3-1.fc10
>> +sugar-artwork 0.83.1-1.olpc4
>> -sugar-base 0.82.2-1.fc10
>> +sugar-base 0.83.1-1.olpc4
>> -sugar-datastore 0.8.3-2.fc10
>> +sugar-datastore 0.83.0-1.olpc4
>> -sugar-presence-service 0.82.2-1.fc10
>> +sugar-presence-service 0.83.1-1.olpc4
>> -sugar-toolkit 0.82.11-1.fc10
>> +sugar-toolkit 0.83.1-1.olpc4
> Is there a reason the new sugar can't go upstream into F-10?
> Peter

It is a development build - so we would like to have the 0.82 in F10. 
And F10 is frozen already - so I am happy if we get at least the NM0.7 
patches in F10.


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