ShoeBot (a free software DrawBot implementation) is out! Time to Sugarize some Ruby apps?

Samuel Klein sj at
Sun Nov 9 13:17:46 EST 2008

Shoebot, a free-software version of the awesome Mac program DrawBot
(which relies heavily Cocoa), is finished.  Thanks to David Crossland
who tipped me off to this.

>From its getting started page:


== Shoebot from the console ==

Shoebot parses scripts written in the Nodebox/Drawbot language and
creates image output from those instructions. Running Shoebot scripts
through the console is straightforward:    sbot <> -o

You can specify the type of image through the output file extension:

    * .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics)
    * .ps (PostScript)
    * .pdf (Portable Document Format)
    * .png (Portable Network Graphics)

Shoebot will automagically generate the appropriate output from the
extension you specify.
For instance, to output the example to an SVG file, type:
   sbot /usr/share/shoebot/examples/ -o test.svg

This is Shoebot's 'oneshot mode'. However, see also:
    * WindowedMode
    * Shoebot IDE
    * Socketserver - control your scripts from external sources
    * Python Module - run Shoebot from inside your Python scripts


It's written in Ruby, and shouldn't be so hard to sugarize... are
there any other fine Ruby programs that have jumped the XO?
A ruby emulator bundled with Hackety Hack lessons also seems like an
excellent idea.


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