New XO-LiveCD Version 8.2 available

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Thu Nov 6 20:21:02 EST 2008

WolfgangRohrmoser at wrote:
> A new version of the XO-LiveCD is available. 

1. I and someone else updated , taking 
the opportunity to clean up some of the other Live CDs here.
2. I added this to as well.
3. I updated the broken livecd link in (the green box on 
many wiki pages) to point to 2.

> You can download it from:

(I suggest you use ISO 8601 date format in the future.  081106 looks 
like August 11th 2006 to us clueless North Americans, "2008-11-06" has 
no ambiguity for anyone anywhere.  Also, release notes as a 310kB PDF?!)

Dumb question: what is the difference between a .iso and a .img file 
like ? 
  Can you mechanically transform one into the other? 1. says "copy [a 
.iso] to a prepared USB flash drive" but presumably it's not that simple.

Tomeu Vizio wrote:
> I have updated
> with this new
> release.

1. links to that, it also links to the sugar-jhbuild liveCD page , which the sugarlabs #Starch 
section doesn't mention.

I need to go to a trade show to get USB flash drives and SD cards for 
all these live CDs and Linux distros and SqueakNOS... :)

=S Page

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