What's cooking inthe XS pot -- 2008-11-05

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 12:19:06 EST 2008

I've been a bit silent lately, as I've just arrived to Boston and I'm
trying to get organised. My plans right now are roughly

 - last round of testing of xs-0.5
 - and release!

(I know it's delayed -- blame the moodlemoots on one hand, and the
deep work Douglas has done in understanding ejabberd. I'm not
regretting it, we're definitely better for both going forward.)

right after xs-0.5 is released...

 - plant some strategic seeds in the garden of documentation
 - work on ejabberd scalability for 0.6 (backportable/configurable on
0.5 ideally) - we're going to see XS deployments in a few schools with
3K students.
 - do a bit of 0.6 planning -- the stage is fairly set in the sense
that 0.6 will probably continue and consolidate most of the feature
work we did on 0.5

Was talking with Greg a bit earlier about feature work on 0.6 and I am
interested in input (probably will have a chance to review it next
week) but keep in mind it is more likely to shape 0.7/0.8 than 0.6.
There are several things that have an initial step in 0.5, and we need
to work towards completion in 0.6.

At 1CC there is quite a bit of interest in 9.1 planning. Even with
xocamp delayed, I do want to get some conversations going. At the top
of my list are

 - service announcement... plain dns? mdns? carrier pigeons?
(affecting olpc-update, activity install/update control panel, etc)
 - 'registration' as a repeatable event
 - Browse.xo using our poxy proxy explicitly
 - Browse.xo doing automagic authentication with XS
 - multicast XS-to-XO NAND flashing (but Mitch is not here :-/)

There is a lot we can do for the XO but most of it we can achieve
without explicit changes on the XO.

Quite a bit as you can see. Throw in some long-needed conversations
with Ed and David Cavallo and you can see some long days ahead of me


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