Peru-703-4 customization key/image.

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Fri May 30 15:37:46 EDT 2008

The peru-703-4 image which Peru intends to have Quanta install on its
next batch of laptops is now available from:

As the README indicates, this build is available as a customization
key image, as well as a .img file which can be used with copy-nand or
secure reflash.

Testing of this image should be done on a laptop with its language set
to Spanish, and ideally with a Spanish keyboard, although test results
from other localization settings are interesting if not
language-related.  It is intended that this build be used with
firmware q2d16.  Since core build 703 includes an older firmware,
please manually update to q2d16 for testing.  We've got a small amount
of time before Quanta integrates this into manufacturing, so wider
testing in the next few days is greatly appreciated!

ps. Technical notes:

* a tool to build a .img from a customization key is available from ; this is what
was used to generate the .img here.

* icons for a number of activities were cleaned up using the tool
available from
(and some manual cleanup in cases); I'll be shortly filing bugs
against a number of activities to get these icons upstream.

* The only change from peru-703-3 is an update of the Wikipedia
activity to Wikipedia-8, which fixes a pair of minor Spanish
translation errors in the UI.

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