[OLPC Security] Bitfrost and dual-boot

Carol Lerche cafl at msbit.com
Fri May 30 00:37:43 EDT 2008

Microsoft either will or won't use the NAND for its own purposes.  However a
third option beyond the "dual boot" or "engulf and devour" choices so far
described, for a deployment that is more school-centric and less oriented
toward laptop autonomy than the OLPC vision, would be to use network file
storage.   With that model, school servers used as filers would potentially
provide much more storage than would be practical in the laptops.  Limited
space on the laptop could be used as a cache.  While this diverges from the
educational philosophy of OLPC, it is quite consistent with how laptops are
used in many (most?) American schools.  It places some additional power
demands at the schools, but I'd put some money on that being at least part
of their model anyway.
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