Bitfrost and dual-boot

david at david at
Thu May 29 17:23:25 EDT 2008

On Thu, 29 May 2008, Jameson "Chema" Quinn wrote:

>> if you run everything as user olpc and user olpc can become root without a
>> password, getting olpc is as good as getting root.
> An arbitrary process running as user olpc should not be able to get root. My
> impression is that it cannot, currently; am I wrong?

the terminal activity can, and if it can why can't everything else use the 
same mechanism?

and there's always sudo /bin/sh available

>> not to mention the fact that you would need to audit every program to see
>> what it will do with the data you feed it (if anything reads something from
>> a file and then executes arbatrary commands based on it, you've lost)
> If it switches to run as another user (or otherwise reduces its own
> destructive capabilities) before doing so, not so. This is the principle
> that Bitfrost is built on: ways to run untrusted code.

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