Software Status Meeting Tomorrow @ 1400 EDT, 1800 UTC in #olpc-meeting on freenode

Kim Quirk kim at
Wed May 28 12:01:11 EDT 2008

Including the testing ml as well.

Items that are scheduled for testing (and might have issues for the
2pm edt meeting):

1 - Build 706, candidate 8.1.1, with fixes as described by Michael (I
still see almost all the same problems with kreyol as were written up
in #6973; and there are still some issues with Amharic. It is being
tested in a network environment, what other testing is needed?)
2 - Build 703-2, peru image with activities (available from Scott
today; needs discussion on how to name and store these 'country
specific' images)
3 - Build 703-2, g1g1 image with activities (not available yet, but
the support and mfg group are anxious to get it)
4 - Joyride and/or what we decide to use as the base for 8.2.0, August release.

(Michael, I will be in another meeting at the same time, but I will
try to get together with you later on these).


On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 12:18 AM, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:
> Let's talk tomorrow about #7014, build 706 (which everyone ought to
> test; olpc-update -f update.1-706), and what we should take away from
> the fact that Blake and Ricardo were the only people who contributed
> patches/packages for inclusion in our bugfix release.
> Please reply to this mail with any other subjects that you would like us
> to discuss. I'll see if we can fit them in.
> Michael
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