Need help creating .xo file

shivaprasad javali jbsp72 at
Mon May 26 23:31:47 EDT 2008

Hi ,

      I have a c++ app for the xo which works fine on it . Now i want to
create a .xo package for the app so it can be installed easily on other

     For my app to work there are some .so's which have to be copied to the
/usr/lib folder.
I read in one of the wiki pages that the .xo package can be created by just
zipping my entire directory structure.

   I want to know if there is some script which is implicitly run when you
unzip the .xo so that i can add instructions in my script to copy the files.

    If there isnt any such script could please tell me how to copy my files
to /usr/lib?

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