[sugar] Sucrose 0.81.1 Development Release

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Mon May 26 16:04:32 EDT 2008

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 07:15:18PM +0100, Gary C Martin wrote:
> How do we get a jffs2 image of all this so we can install on our XOs
> for testing and feedback?

I'm glad you asked, Gary, because if you're lurking on this list and you
want to advance the cause of Sugar, then this is a great opportunity to
get involved!

Building a good OLPC jffs2 image is a two-step community process. First,
we need to take the Sugar release tarballs and convert them into Fedora
RPMs built in Fedora's Koji server. Almost anyone can help with this -
just set up a Fedora account and follow the instructions at:

Ask the Sugar team for help if you get stuck.

Once that's done, we can produce our own test builds by writing and
running a Puritan compilation that will pull in the desired packages:


Ask me for help (and read the source code!) if you get confused.
(Puritan is a decent disk image compiler but it's very new, so I'm sure
that it has got some of rough edges.)



P.S. - We could also ask Dennis to prepare an official test build but
since we have all the necessary tools to make the test build ourselves,
isn't his time better spent, this week, on things like the 8.1.1 release
or the F-9 rebase work?

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