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Chris Ball cjb at
Mon May 26 10:39:06 EDT 2008

Hi Tomeu,

   >>  (98MB)

   > In the past we have had some problems downloading and installing very
   > big bundles like that. Have you seen any unexpected behavior in the
   > shell or the journal?

Yes, I have.  The unzipping takes a minute or two, and during that time
the shell will freeze up.  It seems to all be okay once the install has
passed, though.

I don't understand why the freezing is so severe.  If I install the
bundle via "unzip" on tty1, the laptop stays multitasking and happy
while the unzipping happens.  In Sugar, I can't even switch to tty1
while it's being installed.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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