Hippocanvas error :(

Waqas Toor waqasnasirtoor at gmail.com
Sun May 25 05:07:58 EDT 2008


> Talking with Joel, looks like hippo-canvas only builds the python
> bindings if the prerequisites are already installed. If not, silently
> omits them.
> I added python-cairo-dev to the ubuntu dependencies, but perhaps the
> python bindings should be built incondicionaly?

what I did was
$ sudo apt-get duild-dep python-hippocanvas
but still the error remains,

Marco is right, hippo.so has conflict with libhippocanvas-0-1.so that
is present in the install/lib/ directory, removing these libs makes
hippo.so work but poses new errors
that are
journal fails to load and every other activity as well
logmanager.py get permission denied errors to write to
.sugar/default/logs directory :-/ and some error that says "Unable to
create window at <hexa vaule some thing> "

and again building libhippocanvas will remove these errors but "import
hippo" will fail :(

any body tried sugar-jhbuild in Ubuntu Hardy ???

> Regards,
> Tomeu

Waqas Toor
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