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Joel Stanley joel.stan at gmail.com
Sat May 24 23:28:31 EDT 2008

Hello Devel and Sugar,

Pia Waugh is hosting an event in Sydney next weekend, introducing the
OLPC project to a local tech audience.  We plan to do some work on the
XO (lead by myself) and the school server, lead by Martin.

While I'm a consumer of Sugar on the XO, I haven't spent as much time
doing development on it - my interests to date have been with the low
level functioning of the laptop. Are there suggestions for some tasks
we could spend the afternoon focusing on?  I am informed we will have
a tech-savy audience, with some developers present.



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Hi all,

The first OLPC Australia TechFest will be held on June 1st in Sydney. It
will include demonstrations, workshops about the OLPC hardware and software,
developer tutorials and more! Everyone is welcome, though the event is
mainly designed to help potential technical contributors get involved.

The TechFest will be led by Pia Waugh (OLPC Australia), Joel Stanley (OLPC
"XO" laptop guru) and Martin Langhoff (OLPC "XS" server project lead).
Thanks very much to Joel and Martin for providing their insights into the
project and volunteering their time for us!

Please find the RSVP and full agenda on the webpage:



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