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Simon Schampijer simon at
Fri May 23 03:33:23 EDT 2008

C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> On 5/22/08, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:
>> Marco and I (as well as Dennis and Bernie) had some long chats at the
>>  beginning of this week about how to work together to pull of the next
>>  release. At Marco's request, I've posted one important chunk of this
>>  conversation at
>>  Please comment freely.
> I think that your desire to always provide a stable build is
> admirable, but you need to be much more careful not to let it
> interfere with development.
> A broken build is not a bad thing, as long as there is still a stable
> version for people to use.  Linus' philosophy of development is valid
> here: the way to get bugs fixed is to get the code distributed.
> In my opinion, if the remaining bugs in the FC9 branch are small
> enough not to interfere with the sugar developer's work, there is no
> reason why they shouldn't start working with it.  The more people
> looking at that branch, the more people will be able to help Dennis
> pummel the bugs out of it.
> I'm all for not landing broken code into joyride (which makes joyride
> the 'testing' branch of the debian triumvirate), 

? Has this something to do with #7012: olpc-update ubuntu?


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