Help regarding Sugar on Ubuntu

Alex Belits abelits at
Fri May 23 02:16:12 EDT 2008

Waqas Toor wrote:
> 1024x786 becomes full screen mode in my ubuntu, what I want to do to
> make it a smaller screen size and the aspect ratio of the frame/canvas
> should adjust accordingly, Full screen mode does wierd things :)

If you use sugar-emulator, this is a problem (I wouldn't call it a bug 
because I have no idea what should be the desired behavior) in 
/usr/sugar/shell/ in code starting from the line

"if gtk.gdk.screen_width()" ...

It determines if it should run Xephyr in fullscreen or windowed mode by 
the size of the screen, so to fix that behavior you can edit the line 
(that contains the condition for choosing the fullscreen mode) and 
subsequent lines that determine arguments to Xephyr.


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