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Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Mon May 19 22:03:43 EDT 2008

> So, I'm really not (at this time) interested in peeling layers, or that 
> it's a no-brainer in squeak, or frankly (again at this time) deeper 
> implications or philosophy.
> The philosophy is interesting and challenging, but I just want to figure 
> out how to implement a feature that the XO was supposed to have. Mainly 
> so that it can be there to show 'hey, we said we'd do this, and we did it'.

  I didn't mean to contribute any philosophical discussion.  All I'm
saying is that if you want to say "'hey, we said we'd do this, and we
did it'", you can write your code in Squeak and that is it.  Hit Alt-,
or view source key and, say, open -> browser, or hit Alt-. and get the
dynamic execution context, etc.  You can modify the running code on
the fly, etc.

-- Yoshiki

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