[sugar] Activities Portal: Proposal/suggestion

James Simmons jim.simmons at walgreens.com
Mon May 19 15:35:01 EDT 2008

One thing that would help in the short term is to create a page listing 
"Future Activities" or some other name that suggests these activities 
are not ready for actual use, but are being created.  There are many 
entries on the Activities page where nothing at all is available for 
download.  Some of these give the impression that they have been 
abandoned.  Having entries like this makes the useful entries harder to 
find and gives the impression that the project isn't going anywhere.  If 
the main Activities page just listed actual, useable (maybe not feature 
complete, but useable) Activities it would give a better impression.  
The other stuff could be moved to this "Future" page.

Statistics on downloads would be great.  The "Talk" pages on the Wiki 
have given me some user feedback, but I wish I had more.

James Simmons

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