[sugar] Sugar in LinuxTag 2008

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net
Mon May 19 12:23:30 EDT 2008

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 6:22 PM, Holger Levsen <holger at layer-acht.org> wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 May 2008 11:57, Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
> Do you have a sugar workshop / meeting planned at a specific date as well? Or
> do you plan to just meet for the whole 4 days? ;)
> We'll also get 2m^2 space at the Debian Edu / Skolelinux.de booth.

I think we just plan to hang around together and have a good
face-to-face time interchanging experiences about this last year and
the way forward.

Perhaps we should set a couple of hours specifically for meeting with
the broadest community? When would work better for the most
time-constrained people? Perhaps would be most interesting after the
talks, so new people can jump to say hi.



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