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Mon May 19 10:25:04 EDT 2008

Walter Bender wrote:
> The price often quoted has been $7 for the SD card. Not sure where
> that number comes from. I recall that a $19 high-speed card was used
> in the original testing; at the time it was asserted that a
> standard-speed card was necessary.
> I don't know that this is still the case.

Right now its a high speed class 6 card which retails for about $20. 
Figure 100% markup on retail, $10. Figure in Quanta's buying power and 
the cheap version of that card and I'd say $7 isn't too far off.  At the 
rate SDHC cards are dropping though it could even be less.

OTOH, A new round of consumer HD video recorders are starting to come 
out that use Class 6 SDHC media as the recording medium.  So short term 
this might cause the price to spike before volumes catch up.

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