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Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Mon May 19 09:52:07 EDT 2008

> > Creating content that is culturally and personally meaningful to children
> > across the world is a huge challenge.
> The thorny issue of content has also been a subject of debate from the
> very beginning. The gist of the debate was in regard to the proper
> balance between OLPC providing content vs countries and 3rd parties
> taking responsibility vs community content vs providing tools for
> children and teachers to provide/localize content. We haven't yet done
> enough along any dimension. Just the framing of the debate itself is
> probably flawed.

  It is.  (Sorry for the tone in previous emails.)

  It is almost clear that OLPC is not going to do the contents work
but the new organizations would be a good place to do so.

  Hopefully, the countries should do the curriculum making (teachers'
participation would be even better), but since we try to set up a
richer learning environment than conventional education, the burden is
higher.  And, to share/alleviate the burden, some organization should
have even more seeds for content that the teachers and educators can
grow from and tailor to their needs requirements.  In short, it would
be more work, and I was wondering what kind of changes was on horizon.

  I posted a rough description of such a example to the other mailing
list, hpoing to get more volunteers to do the similar so that we would
have a big repository of examples.  Then, teachers can pick and choose
and extend some examples and make their own.

-- Yoshiki

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