XP on OLPC - a contrarian view -- followup

Jim Gettys jg at laptop.org
Sat May 17 10:22:30 EDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 17:32 -0500, Robert Myers wrote:

> I just saw the Microsoft video of an XO running XP. In it the XO single 
> boots from an 'insyde' BIOS. The MS guy says that XP doesn't fit on the 
> flash, and is installed on an SD card. In this case, I'd guess the flash 
> is just being used as a home for the BIOS. I can see why techs at MS did 
> this to get a working prototype rather than having to wait for (or worse 
> yet, contribute to) the OF V2 bootloader/BIOS.
> Some sources seem to say that early pilots of the XP XO will go out in 
> this configuration. I really hope not, other than waving a few around to 
> show that it can be done.

OFW just booted XP in the last week.  At a guess, Mitch has a couple
months work to do to finish up, around things like ACPI.  All the hard
work is done, but as you know, bug hunting takes time.  So ofw isn't
ready in time for small initial pilots, but will be in time for large
                       - Jim

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