Priorities for Develop?

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at
Fri May 16 07:50:23 EDT 2008

2008/5/16 Jameson Chema Quinn <jquinn at>:
>> * No need for DoppelJournal
> The two necessary patches have existed for months now, Tomeu had promised to
> review them, but that is apparently going slowly.
>> Some of the above require changes to Sugar or Journal. Take that as
>> your responsibility to keep those patches up to date and get them
>> reviewed and merged.
> I don't know how much more I could bug Tomeu for the two existing patches,
> or what else I should be doing. He definitely knows they exist and I bug him
> once a week or so.

My fault, these days I'm trying to not assume more responsibility than
what I'm capable to, and at the same time push Sugar forward. It's not
being easy.

Thanks for keeping bugging,


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