[sugar] Microsoft

Alex Belits abelits at phobos.illtel.denver.co.us
Thu May 15 23:54:11 EDT 2008

 >On a final note:

 > "Additionally, the Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu software environments run
 > on the XO-1, adding support for tens of thousands of free software
 > applications."
 > I am terrified at the thought that the rest of this press release
 > might be anywhere near as disingenuous as this statement.  No part of
 > it is actually untrue, but all of it is misleading.  Hell, there has
 > yet to be a single build of the OLPC distro that is feature-complete
 > -- and I can tell you from personal experience that Debian, Fedora,
 > Slackware, and many other operating systems can *run* but aren't
 > *practical.*

To clarify things, "Ubuntu-on-XO" project is basically three or four 
guys who don't know each other, releasing tarballs and installation 
instructions, and about half a dozen people on bulletin boards sharing 
scripts and configuration files. I happen to be among them (I prepared a 
Hardy/Xfce installation tarballs and made tweaks for GUI, configuration 
and Youtube-related script/packages), but I really don't deserve any 
significant credit for the minimal amount of work I have done, the 
amount of work is minimal, and there is no organization or coordination 
behind it. Ubuntu Sugar packages are a more significant step, though 
they aren't even related to XO hardware.

I haven't even looked at the SD problem despite the fact that I 
recommended SD as the installation media (just made sure that power 
management does not kick in), and I am actually a kernel developer 
myself, so it's closer to my primary expertise than tweaking boot 
process, choosing the "right" init, repainting icons and resizing 


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