Firmware change (Re: Microsoft)

Korakurider korakurider at
Thu May 15 22:39:42 EDT 2008

On 5/16/08, Nicholas Negroponte <nn at> wrote:
> Open Firmware V2, the free and open source BIOS, is now capable of
> running Linux, Microsoft Windows XP and other operating systems, and was
> developed by Firmworks with support from OLPC. This will enable dual
> boot of OLPC XO laptops with Microsoft Windows XP in addition to the
> existing Fedora-based system and will become the standard
> BIOS/bootloader for all XO systems when completed. With this "free
> BIOS," the XO-1 continues to be the most open laptop hardware currently
> available.

   I am not firmware-savvy but: what prevent windows from booting with
V1 Firmware and how do they resolved it?  (that is Ivan mentioned in
his blog article?)
   What I would like to understand is security risk the change will
give users of our linux stack.  Don't we really need to be worry about


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