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Thu May 15 22:01:33 EDT 2008

Nicholas Negroponte wrote:

> OLPC is substantially increasing its engineering resources and all
> software development continues entirely on GNU/Linux.  We will continue
> to work to make Sugar on Linux the best possible platform for education
> and to invest in our expanding Linux deployments in Peru, Uruguay,
> Mexico and elsewhere.
> No OLPC resources are going to porting Sugar to Microsoft Windows,
> although as a free software project, we encourage others to do so. The
> Sugar user interface is already available for Fedora, Debian and
> Ubuntu Linux distributions, greatly broadening Sugar's reach to the
> millions of existing Linux systems. We continue to solicit help from the
> free software community in these efforts. Additionally, the Fedora,
> Debian and Ubuntu software environments run on the XO-1, adding support
> for tens of thousands of free software applications.


we are relieved to hear that this.  As you may know, the core Sugar
team and the FOSS community is broadening Sugar's base through the
Sugarlabs initiative.  Would you be willing to make a statement in
support of our efforts towards what seems to be our common goal?

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