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Thu May 15 18:34:45 EDT 2008

Nick Negroponte has said :

"Open Firmware V2, the free and open source BIOS, is now capable of
running Linux, Microsoft Windows XP and other operating systems, and was
developed by Firmworks with support from OLPC. This will enable dual
boot of OLPC XO laptops with Microsoft Windows XP in addition to the
existing Fedora-based system and will become the standard
BIOS/bootloader for all XO systems when completed. With this "free
BIOS," the XO-1 continues to be the most open laptop hardware currently

This is totally different that we have been informed, the V2 version of the
BIOS is able to run a double boot.  Huge difference!!!

Good or bad? Everyone has its own answer.  Now the XOs are a more
"general" tool, a broader range of happenings we will see.

So... all the new 200,000 XOs that will come to Peru will come with this
new V2 Bios.  and the first 45,000 will be updated?  Or we have to
deal with a mixed enviroment? (no problem... just asking...)

Best regards,

Javier Rodriguez
Lima, Peru

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