New joyride build 1949

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Wed May 14 20:34:54 EDT 2008

Changes in build 1949 from build: 1947

Size delta: -2.63M

-etoys 2.3.1896-1
+etoys 3.0.1998-1
-squeak-vm 3.9-12olpc5
+squeak-vm 3.10-3olpc1

--- Changes for etoys 3.0.1998-1 from 2.3.1896-1 ---
  + VM support for GStreamer, XIM, async IO
  + suspend UI process while inactive (do not hog CPU when in background)
  + fixed international keyboard input
  + many more strings translatable
  + errors get logged in regular log file via stdout
  + faster project loading
  + Pango text rendering support (experimental)
  + and many more minor fixes and improvements

--- Changes for squeak-vm 3.10-3olpc1 from 3.9-12olpc5 ---
  + fix KedamaPlugin2 (exports where not listed)
  + fix show-source key
  + fix SEGFAULT in OggPlugin
  + add RomePlugin w/ Pango support
  + fix drag-n-drop
  + remove Mpeg3Plugin
  + fix dbus plugin not zero-terminating some strings
  + fix freeze in drag and drop
  + add analog input support
  + fix cursor keys
  + re-enable -O2 to get back speed (duh!)
  + handle view-source key
  + big merge with trunk
  + unicode key events
  + fixed dbus plugin

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