School server stuff

John Watlington wad at
Mon May 12 23:49:18 EDT 2008

On May 12, 2008, at 8:46 PM, Marcus Leech wrote:
> A few questions:
> What driver is required on an ordinary Linux system for the active  
> antennae?
> [I ask because plugging one in to a hot-off-the-presses F9 system  
> causes said system to freeze instantly :-( ]
The stock upstream libertas kernel might work, given proper firmware  
in /lib/firmware.
> The XS images--are they designed for XO hardware, or garden variety  
> desktop hardware?
No, they work with most x86 systems (anything that runs F7).
> If the XS image is just for the XO (to turn it into an XS), how do  
> I turn a garden-variety Linux/Fedora system
>   into an XS?
The xs-pkgs and xs-config packages from the XS repo turn updated F7 into
a school server.  xs-config contains the libertas drivers for the 2.6.23
kernel from F7, as well as the additional scripts to make an active
antenna act as a mesh portal.


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