Release management for upcoming bug fix releases and August release

Kim Quirk kim at
Mon May 12 19:41:41 EDT 2008

Development and Testing community,

We have started planning for the next SW releases.  The goal is a bug fix
release in a few weeks (8.1.1), and then the major August release (8.2.0).
[NOTE: the release numbers are based on my last reading of the numbering
convention... not sure if it is final.]

A high level view of this process:
1) Prioritize feature and bug fix requests from deployments, developers,
support, our sales/marketing group
2) Triage bugs to determine which bugs are critical to fix to meet the
3) Translate these requests into requirements, use cases, and trac items
(bug fixes or task items).

After that planning, a weekly meeting can be held to manage the high
priority items (Wed 2pm EDT).

Michael Stone volunteered to be the release manager for the 8.1.0 (Update.1)
release and is willing to continue through to the August release. He will
provide much needed communications, planning, help in unblocking technical
problems, and general project management. We are hiring people so I expect
we will have some help for Michael soon.

Don't hesitate to reply with thoughts or ideas on this process.

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