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Mon May 12 13:12:53 EDT 2008

On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at> wrote:

> Some small discrepancies in the output of the new 'olpc-netstatus':
> 1) I have a wired connection.  (NO wireless.)  I do not understand why,
> but for some Joyride builds, the wired connection gets assigned to 'eth0',
> and for others it gets assigned to 'eth1'.  My current build (1932) assigns
> it to 'eth1'.  The result is 'olpc-connections' and 'olpc-netstatus' have
> NOTHING to report for 'eth0' (that interface is there, but does not have an
> IPv4 address).

olpc-netstatus should work either way. I see that it detected properly that
eth1 is your ethernet.
It should also work if it was the other way around.

it scans all eth*, and checks which has an IP.(now if both have an IP it
willonly choose one)

oh btw *I think*  eth1 shows as the wireless, when you upgrade the build
with the eth/usb adapter plugged in(not 100% sure)

about olpc-connections then this is a bug.
It is not smart enough to determine whether eth0/eth1 is active.
I will make sure this is fixed before i put on the build

> 2) My connection goes through a proxy.  The result is that
> 'olpc-connections' and 'olpc-netstatus' show the Proxy-system IP, where they
> claim to be showing the Jabber-system IP.

this i dont know how to fix.
perhaps there is nothing i can do. I will have to ask in 1cc

> 3) (For "nameserver"?) 'olpc-netstatus' refers to /root/test.  My system
> has no such file.

oh this is a terrible mistake!
I was testing with a sample resolv.conf file and I forgot about it.
I updated it properly now on the wiki. Thanx alot!

Thanks alot for the feedback!
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