65-node simple mesh test (and counting... ;-)

Marcus Leech mleech at nortel.com
Sat May 10 12:15:13 EDT 2008

Robert, this is great. Do you think there is any chance that we will be
able to remotely use this testbed also?


The plan is to make the lab machines reachable from the Internet.  Our
IS organization has
  agreed to do this, and has earmarked a raft of somewhat-older ethernet
switches for us,
  and they have agreed to help out with wiring, and they can get us
Internet access into
  the lab no problem (we have so many labs/demos/special-events that
require Internet access,
  that IS has a well-established process for doing this).

A potentially semi-blocker is that we don't have resources to acquire
all the USB Ethernet
  dongles that we'll need to make this work.  But I think Kim mentioned
that there's
  a pool of them somewhere that we can have.


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