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Sat May 10 01:55:36 EDT 2008

I don't know why Hal... that was not one of my suggestions to the law.

Been in the law is not a guarantee that is related to justice or related 
to technical stuff.

Be totally sure that the kids will disable the filters by themselves... 
(go kids! :-)  )

but the problem is the same: we need to provide some filtering software 
to be installed on the
XO.  It is the law.  If we don't agree then we need to change the law, 
but if the law stays the
same then we have to follow the law.

This could be a design:

a) The teacher takes a XO, or use the XO of one pupil, and update a 
table of "forbidden" sites
from the internet database (there are many).
b) The other XOs take the data from the main XO (or from the XServer if 
you want or need).
c) Every XO will have a small "take this port - send to other port" and 
filter the stuff in the middle.
web protocols are easily available and no hard at all.  There is plenty 
of "open sourced" servers
(for all the protocols) that can be modified to do this task
d) Every XO will tell to the teacher's XO if it is "running" the 
"filtering software".  If not every
teacher must take appropriate measures (it is on the teacher hands and 
responsibility, it is the law,
we just need to provide the filtering software).

I am sure that there are better designs and proposals from the 
collectivity here.

Best regards,

Javier Rodriguez
Lima, Peru
(some people doesn't like when I am passing the voice about bad news, 
they think that I am
playing the role of Devil's advocate by wrong reasons.  But that is a 
training and needed role
in any serious law school.  If not... then you are a "cash" lawyer (one 
that get his bills paid from
presenting at the court but it is not ready to win the case).

Hal Murray wrote:
>> b) The filtering software MUST be installed on each computer (not in a
>>  proxy or any other intermediary device).  Article 2 ("El cumplimiento
>> de  esta obligacion se hace efectivo mediante la instalaciĆ³n, en todas
>> las  computadoras, de programas o software especiales de filtro y
>> bloqueo...") 
> Why?
> Regulations have a long history of getting in trouble when they specify some 
> implementation detail which turns out the be not-such-a-great choice in a few 
> years.
> I wonder when the botnet herders will start offering kids downloads that 
> claim to disable their local filters.

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