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Giannis Galanis galanis at
Sat May 10 00:44:52 EDT 2008

The past couple of weeks I have been working on developing several Network
testing scripts,
that make testing a more pleasant experience!

The scripts collect and display information about
the network configuration, telepathies and their status, the neighbor XOs
and the forwarding tables

For details have a look at
(I created this page to group general Network info, including important Wiki
pages, scripts, bugs etc... but now the scripts use 90% of the page!)

a short overview:

*olpc-connections*:  Tracks any change in msh0/eth0, dns, Telepathy status,
jabber, num of XOs in the neighborhood.

*olpc-xos* *-avahi*: Displays the XOs currently seen by Avahi. You may also
run it continously with *-c*. Then it will continuously scan for changes,
and display the list with a timestamp when a change is identified.action usb

*olpc-xos -sugar*: The same as above, but for the sugar XOs. It works with
salut and gabble.
(Note that sometimes avahi and salut show different XOs)

** When running a test that involves collaboration, it is very useful to
have the above scripts run at boot and log to a file.
All changes are timestamped so you can track down bugs much easier

*olpc-mesh*: It collects data from the firmware ioctls, and displays the
complete forwarding in a readable manner.
It may also replace the MAC address with the correspondig Nick name if you
have a mac-nick table.
You may create this table from the neighbor XOs with *olpc-xos -mac*, which
was written for this purpose.

*sugar-xos**: *(This was written by Guillaume in Python) It displays a list
of the sugar XOs.
It is separate so it can be used as a library from olpc-xos,
olpc-connections and olpc-netstatus.
The reason it is split from olpc-xos is that the latter does more
processing(tracks changes), and also works for Avahi,
*and* also because the former is written in python, which I know very little
So i used the first as an input to the second..(perhaps i will clean this in
the future)

*sugar-telepathies*: (Thanks Daf for your help!)This lists the
presenceservice Telepathies and is used as a library
from olpc-connections and olpc-netstatus

Also, I updated the olpc-netstatus and olpc-netlog:

*olpc-netstatus*: (Old versions are on our build several months now).
This tool collects several network info and other info like build, libertas
It determines which configuration you are connected to(Simple Wifi, School
WIfi, Simple Mesh, School Mesh)
checks which Telepathy is currently active, and whether there is connection
to Jabber.
new stuff:
*checks if a school is present
*reads the Telepathies from Dbus(not the ps list), displays their status
*shows uptime
*shows num of XOs connected

*olpc-log*: (it was previously named as olpc-netlog, and was also present in
our builds long time now)
It gathers all possible logs(messages, activities, dmesg, etc..) and stores
them to a tarball named by S/N and timestamp.
It also collects several files and the output of network commands like
i[f|w]config, route, olpc-nestatus etc
For complete list of stuff logged check olpc-log --help(olpc-*net*log
--help, for older versions)
new stuff:
*includes config file
*includes progress bar(sometimes it might take even 1min)

With the help of Michael, the scripts will be shortly available in the next

I would also highly recommend that olpc-connections to be logging by default
at startup(when debug logs are enabled)

Waiting for any recommendations/feedback

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