Thin firmware + driver first development release

Javier Cardona javier at
Fri May 9 19:06:59 EDT 2008


We are happy to announce the first development release of the wireless
firmware + driver compatible with the kernel's mac80211 stack. This is
a first step towards supporting a soft Access Point (hostap) on the
xo, a project in which are actively working.

The release is made of the following pieces:

Driver: git clone git://

Release Notes:

- Implemented mac80211 support for scanning, association and rate adaptation.
- No power management nor security is supported.
- Driver can coexist with original libertas driver but we recommend
blacklisting one of them in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and
rmmod/modprobe when willing to experiment with it.
- The driver has been greatly simplified, but we are still working in
getting it simpler, specially in command handling.
- Since the device does not report the MAC address until the firmware
is loaded, we use a fake multicast mac address for the device until
the first time an interface is brought up. Thanks to Johannes Berg for
his help with this issue.
- The driver was developed on wireless-testing branch and compiled
fine on olpc-2.6 but faced other problems (display, touchpad) that
prevented us testing it on the xo.  Waiting for olpc-2.6 master to
stabilize after it merged with 2.6.26.

Please send all feedback to this list cc'ing luisca or javier AT


The friendly folks at cozybit

Javier Cardona
cozybit Inc.

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