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On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 1:23 PM, K. K. Subramaniam <subbukk at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Friday 09 May 2008 9:33:26 pm Eben Eliason wrote:
>> > Even if you were to provide an computer exclusively to each child, they
>> > are unlikely to be in use all day long. Programmers in IT companies may
>> > spend their whole day before a computer, but children do have a life
>> > beyond the keyboard :-).
>> You bring up two points both of which, I feel, support the goals of
>> OLPC and Sugar.  First, child ownership ensures that the kids get to
>> take the laptops /home/ with them.
> Access to computing should not be confused with ownership of laptops. Ask
> anyone who used a laptop for more than a few hours away from a power
> socket :-).

Or that in some places a child can not own anything as they are
effectively 'owned' by their parents until they are of age.

> For many kids, "home" is a single room affair. They spend most of their waking
> hours in the outdoors.  "I live in a very big house where the sky is the
> roof", joked a kid. Ownership per se means nothing to them.   What they need
> is access to a learning environment. Often, a village school is the only
> place where they can learn.
> See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xETrXmnRDco for a reality check.

Thankyou for the link... there are places inside the United States
that are not too different from there... and they have the same needs.

> Education can happen even on entry level laptops in such schools. The higher
> cost could be offset by sharing one laptop between two kids (OLP2C!).
> Subbu
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