An OLPC Development Model

Robert Myers rmyers7 at
Wed May 7 19:52:12 EDT 2008

>>  Where we fail to meet expectations is when G1G1 users change
>> >  from the old, monolithic, OS + activities to the new, unbundled
>> >  OS without hand-holding (installing the G1G1 activity bundle).
> And, in fact, last I checked our Wiki had the correct instructions for
> doing an upgrade w/o losing activities, so (as far as I know) the only
> problem is with OLPC developers who "know better" and so don't read
> the instructions on the wiki.  What can we do about that?

No, actually. I am a G1G1 / aspiring developer / community member, who 
upgraded, lost his activities, figured out the issue, got them, and then 
two days later saw instructions posted.

The fact that critical documentation lags changes is a real issue.


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