A small present. (PenTablet-support installation script for 656/703)

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Mon May 5 16:41:20 EDT 2008

Sameer Verma wrote:
> Michael Stone wrote:
>> Friends,
>> Over a month ago, Blake and I pieced together some software to turn on
>> PenTablet support. At Kim's and SJ's urging, I have prepared
>>   http://teach.laptop.org/~mstone/fix-tablet.sh
>> which makes it a bit easier to install the relevant pieces. I believe it
>> will enable the PT on both 656 and 703 and I'm not _aware_ of any side
>> effects, but it's definitely experimental software.
>> Enjoy, unless you prefer to help out further by testing Andres' 2.6.25
>> kernels.
>> Michael
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> Hi Michael,
> I ran your script without a hitch, but I am unable to see it work in
> Paint. Which activity will support its use?
> Sameer

Following up on my post...I upgraded my G1G1 from 656/Q2D07 to 703/Q2D14
and updated the activities using Bert's script. I re-ran Michael's 
pen-tablet script. I still didn't see the pen-tablet feature working in
Paint, until...I applied a lot more pressure than I had anticipated. The
cursor moved! So, I guess the pen-tablet script makes it work, but the
amount of pressure needed is a lot more than what I would apply to my
Nokia 770 or 810.

Is this expected?


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