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Yes I'm in Ottawa.   
I'm in the middle of getting a fedora 6 system setup with the source
code etc. so I can build patches.
I want to take a good look at the n/w manager and see what it's doing. 


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Thanks Bill! Are you in Ottawa where we are sending the laptops for the
Nortel test bed?


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	Bill Mccormick wrote:

		If nobody else is doing this, I'll volunteer.   It'll be
a couple of
		days though, I'm just starting.

	Awesome! If you do take up this unpleasant, though critical task
here are my suggestions:
	Like I said before, when a user reports that "the network does
not work", this may be due to a whole lot of reasons. Being able to
consistently identify which part of the "network stack" (firmware,
driver, NetworkManager, presence stack) is malfunctioning is not
feasible anytime soon, so we better make sure that each individual layer
is this network stack has been thoroughly tested. I would suggest doing
so in two dimensions: scalability and stability.
	Scalability: Making it work on 5 machines is one thing, making
it work on 50 is another! Please test on as many machines as possible.
	Stability: Similarly, we should aim for at some 5 hours of
continuous and stable operation.
	We currently do _not_ meet these requirements and from an
activity point of view, the network look like an .... omelet rather than
distinct yoke and white!!! 

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