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Mon May 5 02:10:03 EDT 2008

On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 10:20 PM, Alex Gibson <agibson at> wrote:
> Edward Cherlin wrote:
> > How is everybody doing? and how is progress on the microkernel?
> >
> > Has anybody else gotten involved?
> >
> > Now that rms has actually switched to an XO, we ought to get on with this.
> >
> > Who has e-mail addresses for bobkeyes, palfrey, or ido? They listed
> > themselves on our Wiki page, but I don't see any way to contact them.
> >
>  We (UTS) are no longer involved after we couldn't get access to the Marvell
> source code.

You don't mean this source code, then? What have I missed?

Driver source code: 8388 "libertas" driver from our kernel tree:
git:// managed by Marcelo
Tosatti, discussion

Gabor, what happened to the effort you talked about in late 2006?
"...In parallel we are working with Marvell to release the 802.11s
source code under GPL.

"Who is going to ravel out the 802.11s code from the tangled source ?
I'd help if needed."

>  If we had been able to get access we would have been able to get a grant to
> fund the work
>  but as that hasn't happened, the people who would have been involved have
> moved on to other projects.

Clearly I missed something not happening.

>  Myself back to license plate recognition and optical weighing system , fpga
> signal processing
>  and sensor systems.
>  Alex Gibson
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