fresh reflash with joyride build

Simon Schampijer simon at
Sun May 4 04:13:50 EDT 2008

Mark Bauer wrote:
> I have been running joyride builds on an unlocked G1G1 machine, and for 
> the most part they run well.
> Lately some application such as record have permissions issues and I 
> have also added a bunch of junk
> that I want to clean up.  I would like to start over with a clean build 
> and reflash off of the USB.  When
> I look at the 
> directory, there are allot more than
> the two files I need.  Where can I find info on which ones to use.
> Thanks
> Mark

Hi Mark,

you need the .crc and .img file in the root partition of an usb disk and 
then do:

copy-nand u:\os[image number].img

(hit esc when you reboot to get to the ofw prompt)


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