NYC schools and cloaked APs

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Although, this may not be what you are looking for..  I was looking for
myself, all the hints on trying to make connecting to hidden SSID networks
easier.   So your question prodded me to gather the links together.... :)

Looks like there's an opportunity for some Wiki custodian to
cleanup/consolidate the information together.

Hope that helps,

2008/5/3 Ricardo Carrano <carrano at>:

> Hi!
> Please contribute with your ideas to the following:
> NYC schools use cloaked access points to provide wireless connectivity.
> We currently do not support cloaked APs (and ... ok, they hardly provide
> any additional security).
> Support for cloaked APs is being discussed in #6237 and it involves
> changes to the UI and to the way NetworkManager orchestrates the starting of
> the networking (searches for a school server, for previously connected AP,
> for xo-mpps, etc) and keeps the network view fresh (by passively scanning
> the medium). Contributions to the ticket are welcome.
> While the support is not there, NYC is considering disabling
> NetworkManager but this is not a good solution for (1) the XO will not boot
> into sugar and (2) collaboration will not work, because the mesh view will
> be broken.
> They are interested in a way (quick workaround) of doing the configuration
> manually in a persistent manner and still be able to collaborate. Any ideas?
> Btw, note that:
> - Manually editing networks.cfg won't work because the scanning (the
> blinking icon phase in the mesh view) is passive. So, if the AP do not
> broadcast its SSID it is like it is not there.
> - Manually associating  to the AP would work but NetworkManager prevents
> dhcp from working.
> I have a feeling that enabling support to cloaked APs may be quicker than
> hatching a workaround, but to do it fast we would need help in the NM part.
> Cheers!
> Ricardo
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