Cursor does not move left/right using touchpad on 2.6.22-20080123.4 and newer master kernels

Paul Fox pgf at
Fri May 2 11:31:36 EDT 2008

andres wrote:
 > On Thu, 1 May 2008 23:38:15 -0400
 > "Denver Gingerich" <denver at> wrote:
 > > On 2.6.22-20080123.4 and newer master kernels (specifically
 > > 2.6.22-20080123.4, 2.6.25-20080430.1, 2.6.25-20080501.2, and
 > > 2.6.25-20080501.3), the cursor cannot move from side to side with the
 > > touchpad, only up and down.  Using a USB mouse works fine.
 > > 
 > Ok, that's... bizarre.  What build is this on?

fyi, there have been several reports on the user forums of add-on
usb pointing devices which cause movement in one direction only
(always vertically).  mike lee has sent me one (it's a
"thumbelina" microtrackball) to take a look at it.  it works
perfectly on an ubuntu 2.6.22 kernel (stock gutsy) but not on XO
release 656.  i haven't had time yet to investigate what's

 paul fox, pgf at (arlington, ma, where it's 46.2 degrees)

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